Swiss creations

An Exceptional History

Watches of timeless elegance, mechanical movements that embody over half a century of ultra-thin watch models that have produced a long list of records for thinness: Piaget has certainly made an enduring impression on the watchmaking world since the company was founded back in 1874. This virtuosity reflects an unrelenting search for the very highest standards of excellence, combining deep rooted expertise, a constant urge to experiment and respect for the traditional watchmaking skills. This is the very essence of the Piaget signature.

Piaget’s legitimacy and expertise as a company are founded on 140 years of innovation and excellence. Faithful to its motto “Always do better than necessary”, Piaget combines technical precision and boundless creativity to create exceptional timepieces made entirely out of gold. Thanks to its two fully-integrated Manufactures in the localities of Plan-les-Ouates and La Côte-aux-Fées, Piaget combines the worlds of watchmaking and fine jewellery with over 40 specialised professions being practised side by side. This ingenious fusion has enabled the brand to develop its innovation and to continue on its trail-blazing trajectory, constantly seeking to achieve the impossible. With 37 movements to their credit, including no fewer than 25 ultra-thin and 11 major complications, interspersed with 14 records for watch thinness, the master watchmakers of the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Piaget continue along their path of virtuoso innovation to reign at the very summit of their art.